Autonomous and networked ticket vending machines

Solar-powered parking ticket vending machines for the United Arab Emirates: conceived, designed and developed for extreme environmental conditions

Innovative and user-friendly and can be centrally controlled and monitored via the central management system developed by MCS.

  • Low-power requirement on all components for minimised energy consumption (remote wake-up)
  • Software development (OS, firmware, drivers, user dialogue, service interfaces)
  • Development of a central management system and superordinate, linked backend systems
  • Integration of geo-data and map material
  • Maintenance and service friendliness through alarms, service diagnostics and monitoring system
  • Development and production of control system, interfaces, ticket printer and sensor technology, RFID card reader, HMI, modem
  • Integration of external components such as coin validators, banknote validators, credit card readers, intermediate and final cash registers
  • Conception of the laying and production of the complex cabling
  • Optimisation for EMC conditions and approvals
  • Certification (e.g. EMC/CE with internal and external testing laboratories)
  • Testing and test bases for functional safety and environment (temperature, dust, humidity, vibration and shaking resistance)
  • Customisation of various functions according to customer requirements
  • Service and support for permanent support (24/7) for the vending machines, the management system and the network


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