Automatic phase changeover switch for e-mobility

APUM – patented power distribution for the grid infrastructure to avoid grid overloads

For use in wall boxes and charging terminals in the private, commercial and public sectors, for single-phase loads in a three-phase network

Product description

  • Compact top-hat rail module for easy integration into the house distribution, the wall box or the charging pole
  • Permanent monitoring of the individual phase loads in the three-phase grid
  • 1-phase mains loads (e-vehicle charging) are automatically switched to the least loaded phase
  • Grid-serving measure according to TAB (technical connection conditions of electricity suppliers)
  • RWE-patented technology for phase switching
  • Query and transmission of current and voltage values
  • Remote control via Ethernet and/or RS 232 with open protocol
  • Configuration via integrated software

MCS Services

  • Development within the framework of sMobility:COM, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
  • Hardware, firmware and software development
  • Prototyping, certification and approval (e.g. CE)
  • Long-term and field tests in cooperation with energy suppliers, grid operators and accompanying independent institutions
  • Interfaces to the DDCC digital charge controller
  • Series production since 2019