With us your ideas become reality

We always develop with production in mind. After all, what is the point of creating the perfect plans if they cannot be realised cost-efficiently? In this respect, you can rely on our decades of experience and our large network to take your product into production.

What is also important here: the close dialogue with you, our customer. Together with you, we will find the best possible. Quality and reliability is of course the basis of our work.

Quality managed in Germany

Many factors matter in choosing the right production partner and manufacturing location: qualification, quantity, logistics, quality and of course costs. We weigh up these points in close collaboration with you and together we find the ideal location, wether in Eastern Europe, Asia or in our own factory in Bavaria.

We take care of everything: development, modification, approval, quality and testing. In short, we assume complete responsibility for the production, from start to finish.

  • Small quantities, flexible delivery schedules, difficult production?

    We find solutions for each problem. Varying quantities? Special delivery schedules? High demands for small quantities? We take care of it.

    Our production in Wernberg is best provided  for the flexible production of components and systems. Especially when things get a bit tricky and manual labour, a trained eye and a lot of personal experience are required. All with the standard of professional production, however: exact, professional, precise and without deviations.

  • Individual components. Modules. Devices. Systems. Everything.

    We are also flexible when it comes to the production options we offer. Whether individual modules, components, cables, entire devices or systems, we are – besides integration and development – also your reliable partner when it comes to mass production of your products.

    Production is considered from the very beginning and the development and integration ideas are incorporated. This means that we are not just an extended production line, but an integral part of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability in the process of production.

  • Prototypes. Small series. Large series.

    Not every component or product has to be produced in large quantities. Niche products may only be produced in small or medium series. And even the most successful products started out as prototypes and development samples.

    Together with you, we will find the optimal solution for your needs, both in terms of quantities and delivery dates and frequencies. Of course, this also applies to the transition to large-scale production, which we already take into account during the development phase in order to avoid friction and to achieve optimal conditions.

  • As a complete MCS package or as an individual service.

    Of course, we seamlessly produce the results of our development and integration achievements. We also ensure short paths and soft transitions between all stages of the process and all parties involved. This saves you time, money and nerves.

    In addition, we are also happy to help you out when it comes to realising external solutions and developments. Or we can customise standard products to your specific needs, e.g. by realising a special wiring harness.

    Take advantage of our many years of experience and let us advise you when it comes to production!

    The focus on the smallest detail is part of our daily routine. Only precision and care ensure consistently high quality. Our customers appreciate that we, as an 'electronics manufacturer', combine this feature with flexibility and a good dose of pragmatism.

    Martin Bauer

    Head of Production

    Many years of experience in electronics production

    We manufacture over half a million articles and assemblies every year. Here you can find a few examples.

    • Component assembly

      Complex assembly work of printers for ticket vending machines in vehicle (public buses).

    • Cable assembly small series and special applications

      Cable harnesses for automotive development. From enquiry to delivery a maximum of 2 to 3 working days.

    • Highly qualified hand soldering

      For HF technology - production of MRI antennas according to customer specifications. Application in medical technology for MRIs.

    • Production of blanket orders with forecast

      Very flexible response timing in terms of delivery time and number of pieces.

    • SMD manufacturing

      Prototype production possible from 1 piece on the automatic mounting machine. Immediate adaptation to new designs, special shapes, etc. Assembly of thin flexible and rigid-flex printed circuit boards. Assembly of large-format PCBs.

    • Testing

      Development and automation of necessary test procedures for HF technology, such as network analysis.

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      Flexible and prepared even for difficult work:
      Our facility in Bavaria

      Our production is located in Wernberg-Köblitz, Bayern.

      There, on 1500 sqm, we produce more than half a million assemblies every year – both in-house developments and commissioned/contract manufacturing for other companies.

      Our key strength: flexible adaptation to the needs of our national and local customers. All with the aspiration of professional series production.

      Our production – facts

      • Location: Wernberg-Köblitz, Bavaria
      • Production area: 1,500 sqm
      • Assembly production, cable assembly, device production and installation
      • In-house and external production
      • Specialised in the flexible production of very small, small and medium-sized series
      • As a package with other MCS services or as an individual service
      • Over 500,000 articles and assemblies per year
      • State-of-the-art machinery
      • ISO 9001-2015 certified
      • KBA approval (product-specific)
      • UL-certified (product-specific)

      Looking for production support?

      We also support companies with or without their own production when manufacturing exceeds their possibilities or capacities. Or for cable assemblies, standard components, fluctuating quantities or the production of very small or small series.

      Contact us and let’s talk about the different options.

      Quality, flexibility and short response times

      Our core values are of course also apparent in production: extensive customisation, flexibility and integration into existing processes and systems. Whether we produce our own developments or take on contract manufacturing, we can react flexibly and quickly to changes.

      Whether it’s the number of pieces or the time frame, we are guided by you and are ready to respond even if your plans take a turn during the process.

      A look at our factory in Bavaria

      • Centrally located on the A93

        Centrally located on the A93

      • 1,500 sqm production area

        1,500 sqm production area

      • Certified production facility in Wernberg-Köblitz

        Certified production facility in Wernberg-Köblitz

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        • Focus: Assembly and module production

          We produce mechanical and electronic assemblies and functional units for you – adapted to your individual requirements, e.g. in the form of SMD/THT PCB assembly. To accomplish this, we use a range of technical processes that are precisely matched to the complexity of the task at hand.

          Contact us and find out how we can help you.

          Technical processes

          • Soldering processes: Reflow soldering, wave soldering, vapour phase soldering, hand soldering
          • Ultrasonic welding
          • Coating and potting of circuit boards and cables

          Project examples for assembly production

          • Special hand soldering for HF antennas of medical devices
          • Batteries, circuit boards, cables for the construction of awnings
          • Evaluation electronics for soil density measuring methods
          • Sensors for car park monitoring
        • Focus: Cable production and assembly

          In the field of cable assembly, we offer you a wide range of products from single wires to complex cable harnesses, customised to your specific requirements. 

          Contact us and find out how we can help you.

          Project examples for cable production and assembly

          • Prototypes and complex cable harnesses for automotive development
          • Re-pinning of finished cable applications with hotmelt overmoulding
          • Development of special connector systems for LED lighting in guide rails
          • Cable assembly for dispensing technology and sensor technology
        • Focus: Equipment manufacturing and installation

          Here we combine mechanical and electronic components into modules and functional units of complex devices and systems. These can either be further assembled or used immediately. We do this with comprehensive know-how and many years of experience. 

          Contact us and find out how we can help you.

          Project examples for equipment manufacturing and assembly

          • Project examples for device production and assembly
          • Printer systems
          • Assembly of traffic guidance and display systems
          • HMI units
          • Measuring devices
        • Testing: 100% quality guaranteed

          Our test procedures ensure reliable results.

          • Typical procedures are functional and assembly tests, AOI, IC, etc. with our own test equipment.
          • For cable assembly: crimp height measurement, pull-off test, insulation, continuity and high-voltage tests.

        How can we help you?
        Let's talk about your challenges!

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