Courageous and forward-thinking, we embrace new technologies with purposeful processes. We question, discuss and evaluate in order to generate tailor-made solutions for our customers. All based on efficient structures, processes and clearly defined responsibilities.

Our success starts beyond the standards.

We think beyond the requirements of the task at hand. Thinking along, thinking ahead, questioning, making solutions sustainable. We do not only take care of the details of the assignment, for us the implementation and practicality have the highest priority.

We are colourful – no one is disadvantaged.

We treat both our team and our business partners with appreciation, respect, openness, transparency, reliability, honesty and trust.

And this regardless of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, social or ethnic origin.

These values are firmly anchored in the Code of Conduct at MCS, which we live up to every day.

Our team is more than the sum of its parts.

Every individual at MCS contributes to the success of the company. Every location and every area are part of the whole.

The important thing here is to enjoy working together and working as a team. With humour, common goals, an open ear, respect and mutual support.

We see our partners and customers as part of this team: integrated and an essential part of the solution.

We see ourselves as a community of trust. We believe in teamwork, interdisciplinarity and cultural diversity.

Georg Dolles

Managing Director

Our innovation begins with exchange.

Only open, clear communication enables new, exciting solutions. Already many innovations were not pursued because they were never discussed. We encourage open dialogue based on trust and appreciation.

Guidelines do not restrict, they inspire.

Specifications define our field in which we can be creative. Here we can contribute our strengths, use our experience and give free rein to our imagination.

Our differences create better solutions.

We trust in the skills of our employees. Everyone uses his or her strengths and skills and, with his or her view of things, ensures special interdisciplinary approaches to solutions.

This applies to our team of engineers as well as to our employees in production.

Everyone has ideas, the art lies in their implementation.

“Theoretically theory and practice are the same, practically they are not”. What matters to us first and foremost is the realisation and development of solutions suitable for everyday use for our customers and their users.