Versatile payment systems

Distribution and integration of payment terminals for vending machines, access systems and charging stations.

For contactless payment by mobile phone or classic card payment with chip & pin

Product description

  • Market- and user-oriented payment solutions
  • Processing of all contactless (NFC) and contact (EMV/ Chip & Pin/ Magnetic Stripe) cashless payment systems, especially girocard, GeldKarte or girogo, PayPass, payWave, GooglePay, ApplePay, Maestro, VPAY as well as customer and fleet cards
  • Elimination of cash disposal reduces vandalism
  • Sales prices accurate to the cent
  • Upgrading and retrofitting possible
  • Parallel operation to other systems
  • Wide range of uses for vending machines and other applications

Let us talk about your individual requirements in the area of payment systems. Please contact us.

MCS Services

  • Consulting and product selection
  • Integration support in your application
  • Hardware integration of the terminals using the respective interface protocols
  • Application-related software development for operating system, functional level and interactive operation
  • Sampling for test set-ups
  • Verification of functional reliability
  • Technical support and after-sales service