Digital charge controller DDCC for e-mobility

Convenient charging according to DIN EN 15118, 2 charging points in a compact design

For use in wall boxes and charging terminals in the private, commercial and public sectors

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Product description

  • Central control unit for 1-2 independent charging points
  • Compact design, top-hat rail housing only 106 mm
  • Integrated configuration software
  • Transmission of current status data (locally or via LAN, WLAN etc.)
  • Integration of control data from higher-level systems (e.g. fleet management)
  • Smart-grid prepared
  • Integrated RFID support, even without LAN/WLAN etc.
  • Extensive interfaces available
  • Automatic connection interlock
  • Zero-crossing detection according to EN 15118
  • EV protocols: BC (charging according to 61851-1 mode 3), HLC (charging according to ISO 15118 AC)
  • Remote protocols: according to 61850-90-8 with COAP or OCPP 1.6/2.0 (in preparation)

MCS Services

  • Development of a new product generation, upwardly compatible with MCS Charge Controller 6958
  • Hardware development in compact design
  • Software development upwards compatible from EN 61851 to the functionalities according to EN 15118
  • Certification and approval (e.g. CE, EMC)
  • Extensive long-term and field tests with various consumers (vehicle types)
  • Transition to suitability for series production
  • Series production