Intelligent charging control for e-mobility

Development of a charging management control for grid-serving connections of several vehicles to a house connection


  • Charging control of a vehicle according to EN 15118 with power adjustment and intelligent mains phase switching in case of mains imbalances
  • Hardware and software development
  • Use- and self-consumption-optimised predictive power control at the house connection
  • Development of interfaces for controlled charging according to coordinated market/grid operation management
  • Extended control options (independent fleet management, backend systems)
  • Subsequent development/optimisation and series production of the DDCC (Digital Charge Controller according to EN 15118 with PLC and OCCP interfaces)
  • Patented APUM phase change switch to support grid-serving measures in accordance with TGA (patentee RWE)
  • Many years of development experience and over 10 years of series production of e-mobility charge controllers in accordance with EN 61851 in the project forefield


MCS is a consortium partner in the funding project sMobility:COM by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (project management agency: DLR)


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